How to Fix Dead Huawei Y541-U02


If you are looking for ways on how to fix dead Huawei Y541-U02 also known as Honor Bee Dual SIM Y5C, then you came to the right spot. This method works on devices on bootloop and soft-brick states.

Bootloop and soft-brick happens after you have flashed a recovery or a custom ROM on your device, your device keeps rebooting into the recovery mode instead of the normal mode that it is supposed to boot into. It is one of the common problems Android users face on their devices. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you recover your device from bootloop and have a working device once again. Here’s how:fix dead huawei y541-u02

Fix Dead Huawei Y541-U02

This fix involves flashing a new stock ROM to your device just by pressing a few button combination. A computer is also needed to transfer the firmware to your SD card. Make sure you have enough battery charge. A fully-charged battery is recommended before flashing.

Download the firmware from the link below and follow the procedures carefully. Do it at your own risk!

Huawei Y541-U02 STock Firmware

This firmware is the international version. Please select your region during startup!

Fix Bootloop of Honor Bee Dual SIM Y5C

  1. Download the firmware archive from the link above and extract the file(s) to your computer.
  2. Remove your SD card. Use an SD card adaptor and connect it to your PC.
  3. Copy the folder dload from unpacked frimware archive to the root of your sd card (outside any folder).
  4. Reinsert the SD card to your device. Remove battery and re-insert after a few seconds.
  5. Hold Volume Up and Volume Down keys then press Power button.
  6. Press and hold the three keys until a software upgrade progress bar is displayed on your phone’s screen.
  7. AFter flashing is complete, release the keys and wait for the installation to finish. Do not turn off your device!
  8. Reboot your phone.

Congratulations! You successfully revived your dead Huawei Y541-U02 device.

Credits to for the file and tutorial.



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