Most of the time, there’s a tendency that we encountered errors when doing system tweaks on the settings of our phones. This may cause... Fix Error When Updating Zenfone Firmware

Most of the time, there’s a tendency that we encountered errors when doing system tweaks on the settings of our phones. This may cause annoying errors when updating the firmware when using manual method or Over-The- Air software updates. Some are caused by installing apps like Lucky Patcher or Xposed Framework. Today, we will discuss a method to get over that bothersome errors. I hope this simple tutorial will help you get back those smooth and hassle-free firmware updates.

Use this tutorial at your own risk! I’m not responsible for any bricked device or loss of important data when doing the process. Please see our disclaimer policy for more information.

List of items that you need:


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1. Zenfone with ROOT Access
2. Root Explorer installed (I used FX File Explorer with Root access)
3. Latest firmware that you want to update (e.i. Kitkat update)
4. PC that can detect your phone’s internal memory


Instructions on how to fix error when updating Zenfone firmware:

1. Once you downloaded the firmware that you want to update, using your PC, open it with WinRar or Winzip.

2. Navigate to the “System/Framework” folder and find the following files:

  • Core.odex
  • Core.jar
  • Services.jar
  • Services.odex

3. Drag/extract them to your Desktop.

4. Connect your Asus Zenfone to the Windows computer using a compatible data cable.

5. Copy the extracted files to the internal memory/storage of your phone.

6. Once copied, use the Root Explorer of your phone and navigate to the “/System/Framework”

7. Delete the core.odex, core.jar, services.jar and services.odex. These files are already patched by Xposed Framework/Lucky Patcher and won’t let the system to update.

8. After deleting, move the files that you extracted to the same directory (System/Framework).

9. Change the permission of these files to rw-r- – r- –

10. Once done, try to update your phone either by OTA, manually (via internal storage or ADB sideload).

For manually updating your Zenfone, please read:

Note: If you are successful, your root access will be removed. Try to reboot again to check if you have root access. If not, root again by using the PC method.

Credits to Mr. Rob Camaing Jr. of ASUS Zenfone Philippines Community Facebook group.

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  • Jade

    February 23, 2015 #1 Author


    I followed the instructions. However, permissions for services.jar & services.odex could not be changed/accessed. I used ES File Explorer. Copied update System updated upon reboot, but I got the error ‘the has stopped working. I cannot get into the system as this pop-up is persistent. How do I fix my zenfone 5 now. Thanks for your help. I did a reset 2 times and cleared cache as well. Same problem.


    • Jade

      February 23, 2015 #2 Author

      Hello again. I was able to fix the problem by performing the adb sideload update. Thanks anyway.


      • Dude

        June 18, 2015 #3 Author

        Good Day mate,

        can you send me video tutorial on how to use adb sideloader.. i also can’t update the system firmware of my zenfone 5


  • Afif Idlan

    March 17, 2015 #4 Author

    Hey there Android Meister. I have an Asus Zenfone 5. I’ve root my device via SuperSU. How to unroot my device and return it to original firmware as I can’t update to latest system firmware. It’ll shows ERROR. Tq.Please reply.


    • Dude

      June 18, 2015 #5 Author

      download the app “root zenfone” in apps store.. it is easy to use..


  • RR7

    July 23, 2016 #6 Author

    Hey, when i update my zenfone4, it says “update failed : your device is recovered to original configuration”. Can i fix this problem with your ways?
    *Sorry for my english*


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