This article is for those who bricked their Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. There are many reasons why you get the Redmi Nite 4G bricked.... How to Fix a Dead Redmi Note 4G

This article is for those who bricked their Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. There are many reasons why you get the Redmi Nite 4G bricked. One is flashing wrong Recovery image or fastboot rom and the device got disconnected on the middle of fasboot flashing. The symptoms of having a bricked devices can be observed when there’s no charging LED indication, the device won’t boot up, cannot enter fastboot / recovery and cannot be detected by a computer. These symptoms are caused by corrupted partition table (mainly bootloader) and recovery partition. In this post, we’ll discuss the way how to fix a dead Redmi Note 4G and bring it back to life. Read on.

fix dead redmi note 4g

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G With Android 4.4 KitKat and Snapdragon 400.

How to Revive a dead Redmi Note 4G LTE

Do it at your own risk! I’m not responsible for any damage while using this tutorial. Please see our disclaimer policy for more information.

Please follow the directions carefully.


  • a small wire , with two ends (a thin small wire (copper))
  • Windows operating system (Windows 7 recommended)
  • Press F8 and disabled windows driver signature verification while booting windows (SKIP IF USING WIN “XP”)

Download the necessary files below.


MiFlash v2014.05.09

Fastboot ROM

Assuming that your Windows is booted with driver signature disabled and ready with a small wire, let’s start with the main process of unbricking.

1. Disconnect / remove the battery connector  , remove the sim  and look at the two small holes at the LTE sim card slot. Gently scratch the protective layer above those two holes ( it may be plastic or paper protected ) check image below.

fix dead redmi note 4g

2. Now , take the small wire and insert the two ends of the wire into the two small hole present at the sim card slot [LTE  ONLY]. Make sure that the both ends of the wire connects /touches the two golden round (TEST POINTS). Ensure that it stays there until the device is unbricked.

3. Now open Miflash , click on browse button. Select advanced

4. Select ONLY “FLASH ALL.BAT” (for complete new system) or “Except DATA STORAGE.BAT” (for saving the user DATA) —[ BETTER DO FLASH ALL ] from the extracted FASTBOOT ROM  , in FASTBOOT SCRIPT OPTION.

5. Now leave the second option BLANK [ Nv boot script – we dont need to fill it ].

6. Browse and select proper files from image inside fastboot rom folder folder  for MSIMAGE.MBN , MPRG.MBN , RAW0 programming.XML and Patch0.xml in appropriate options.

7. Connect the device to pc (with the wire inserted in small holes and battery removed ).

8. Drivers will install , let them finish.

9. Press refresh On Mi flash , if you get a device as anything “0” or “324ehvh2” or just COM  # — JUST PRESS FLASH BUTTON

10. The phone is now being flashed , after operation completed , remove the wire  , connect the battery , assemble phone and boot (if mi logo come your phone is fixed )(if battery discharged it will not boot – put it on charge if red led blinks – it means phone fixed).

  • If some driver fails during installation or you dont see any device on miflash , check device manager for any driver not installed properly and install it manually and browse the driver from /programfile/xiaomi/miflash/qualcomm/ “here” .
  • If miflash gives some error like reached end of fie, receive Hello packets, give the PC a reboot , but be sure to again press F8 and disable driver detection , also sometimes Windows versions above 7 gives issues so , u can try changing to other pc as well
  • If you cannot detect any new hardware device installation or no device on miflash , make sure the wire are connected well in side the hole and the protective layer over the test point PLASTIC OR PAPER IS REMOVED BY SCRATCHING IT GENTLY …and do the above explained process
  • If you face any problem with driver installation – make sure you disabled driver signature detection while booting windows by pressing F8. 

Credits to magdag for the tutorial. Original article can be found here.

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  • niti

    April 4, 2015 #1 Author

    Hello I was following by this method but once I flash I facing the issue same as this link ( wait device connect until flashing abort, do you know how to fix this or not?

    Thank you very much


  • Rajeev

    May 10, 2015 #2 Author

    Can u please make a video step by step..


  • Sahil

    May 20, 2015 #3 Author

    Please help me , in mi tools I am getting the error”partition table not found” please help me.


  • ks verma

    August 7, 2015 #4 Author

    great. let me try


  • Ali oncom

    April 6, 2016 #5 Author

    My mi note 1LTEW has same problem, I’ve tried but fail
    this log:
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.11 Open boot file “C:\dior_global_images_V6.5.2.0.KHIMICD_4.4_global\images\8926_msimage.mbn”
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.11 Open serial port “\\.\COM23”
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.11 Send hello command 0
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.11 Enable trusted security mode
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.11 Open EMMC card USER partition
    [00001ED0]ReadRobust(202): Reached the end of the file.(0x80070026)
    [00001ED0]ReadRobust(202): Reached the end of the file.(0x80070026)
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.52 StreamWrite address 00000000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.58 StreamWrite address 0x00a000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.64 StreamWrite address 0x014000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.72 StreamWrite address 0x01e000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.78 StreamWrite address 0x028000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.86 StreamWrite address 0x032000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 0.92 StreamWrite address 0x03c000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.00 StreamWrite address 0x046000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.06 StreamWrite address 0x050000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.12 StreamWrite address 0x05a000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.20 StreamWrite address 0x064000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.26 StreamWrite address 0x06e000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.33 StreamWrite address 0x078000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.40 StreamWrite address 0x082000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.47 StreamWrite address 0x08c000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.53 StreamWrite address 0x096000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.61 StreamWrite address 0x0a0000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.67 StreamWrite address 0x0aa000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.75 StreamWrite address 0x0b4000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.81 StreamWrite address 0x0be000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.87 StreamWrite address 0x0c8000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 1.94 StreamWrite address 0x0d2000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.01 StreamWrite address 0x0dc000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.08 StreamWrite address 0x0e6000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.15 StreamWrite address 0x0f0000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.21 StreamWrite address 0x0fa000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.28 StreamWrite address 0x104000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.36 StreamWrite address 0x10e000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.42 StreamWrite address 0x118000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.48 StreamWrite address 0x122000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.56 StreamWrite address 0x12c000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.64 StreamWrite address 0x136000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.70 StreamWrite address 0x140000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.76 StreamWrite address 0x14a000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.84 StreamWrite address 0x154000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.90 StreamWrite address 0x15e000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 2.98 StreamWrite address 0x168000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.04 StreamWrite address 0x172000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.11 StreamWrite address 0x17c000, size 40960
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.18 StreamWrite address 0x186000, size 17920
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.21 Close EMMC card USER partition
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.21 Reboot to mini kernel
    [00001ED0]COM23 3.29 Wait device connect 0
    [00001ED0]COM23 4.35 Wait device connect 1
    [00001ED0]COM23 5.40 Wait device connect 2
    [00001ED0]COM23 6.49 Wait device connect 3
    [00001ED0]COM23 7.55 Wait device connect 4
    [00001ED0]COM23 8.60 Wait device connect 5
    [00001ED0]COM23 9.64 Wait device connect 6
    [00001ED0]COM23 10.70 Wait device connect 7
    [00001ED0]COM23 11.75 Wait device connect 8
    [00001ED0]COM23 12.79 Wait device connect 9
    [00001ED0]COM23 13.85 Wait device connect 10
    [00001ED0]COM23 14.90 Wait device connect 11
    [00001ED0]COM23 15.94 Wait device connect 12
    [00001ED0]COM23 17.00 Wait device connect 13
    [00001ED0]COM23 18.05 Wait device connect 14
    [00001ED0]COM23 19.11 Wait device connect 15
    [00001ED0]COM23 20.17 Wait device connect 16
    [00001ED0]COM23 21.22 Wait device connect 17
    [00001ED0]COM23 22.28 Wait device connect 18
    [00001ED0]COM23 23.31 Wait device connect 19
    [00001ED0]COM23 24.37 Wait device connect 20
    [00001ED0]COM23 25.41 Wait device connect 21
    [00001ED0]COM23 26.47 Wait device connect 22
    [00001ED0]COM23 27.52 Wait device connect 23
    [00001ED0]COM23 28.59 Wait device connect 24
    [00001ED0]COM23 29.64 Wait device connect 25
    [00001ED0]COM23 30.70 Wait device connect 26
    [00001ED0]COM23 31.78 Wait device connect 27
    [00001ED0]COM23 32.85 Wait device connect 28
    [00001ED0]COM23 33.90 Wait device connect 29
    [00001ED0]COM23 34.94 Wait device connect 30
    [00001ED0]COM23 36.01 Wait device connect 31
    [00001ED0]COM23 37.05 Wait device connect 32
    [00001ED0]COM23 38.08 Wait device connect 33
    [00001ED0]COM23 39.13 Wait device connect 34
    [00001ED0]COM23 40.17 Wait device connect 35
    [00001ED0]COM23 41.23 Wait device connect 36
    [00001ED0]COM23 42.28 Wait device connect 37
    [00001ED0]COM23 43.32 Wait device connect 38
    [00001ED0]COM23 44.35 Wait device connect 39
    [00001ED0]COM23 45.38 Wait device connect 40
    [00001ED0]COM23 46.43 Wait device connect 41
    [00001ED0]COM23 47.46 Wait device connect 42
    [00001ED0]COM23 48.50 Wait device connect 43
    [00001ED0]COM23 49.55 Wait device connect 44
    [00001ED0]COM23 50.59 Wait device connect 45
    [00001ED0]COM23 51.65 Wait device connect 46
    [00001ED0]COM23 52.71 Wait device connect 47
    [00001ED0]COM23 53.76 Wait device connect 48
    [00001ED0]COM23 54.82 Wait device connect 49
    [00001ED0]COM23 55.86 Wait device connect 50
    [00001ED0]COM23 56.92 Wait device connect 51
    [00001ED0]COM23 57.99 Wait device connect 52
    [00001ED0]COM23 59.03 Wait device connect 53
    [00001ED0]COM23 60.09 Wait device connect 54
    [00001ED0]COM23 61.15 Wait device connect 55
    [00001ED0]COM23 62.20 Wait device connect 56
    [00001ED0]COM23 63.27 Wait device connect 57
    [00001ED0]COM23 64.33 Wait device connect 58
    [00001ED0]COM23 65.38 Wait device connect 59
    [00001ED0]CSoftwareDownload::DownloadBySettings(2968): One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time.(0x800f0246)
    [00001ED0]CEmergencyFlasher::DoWork(632): One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time.(0x800f0246)
    [00001ED0]GetFactoryObject(1457): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00001ED0]SaveFlashResult(1478): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)


  • litu

    May 23, 2016 #6 Author

    xiaomi redmi note 4g single sim flash with mi tool then red led blinks but set not on


  • pritpal singh

    July 7, 2016 #7 Author

    My red note 2 dead


  • gaurav

    August 10, 2016 #8 Author

    can u tell ho connect to computer with small wires connect both ends to golden rounds…..


  • kabir

    October 5, 2016 #9 Author

    Author, there’s a request can you please make a video and post it. Please it would be great and please do that. It’s a very kind and humble request. Thanks in advance


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