You’re tinkering with your Xiaomi Mi3’s system then suddenly, the phone doesn’t boot normally or does not boot at all. Unfortunately, you’re in a bootloop... How to Fix Dead or Bootlooped Xiaomi Mi3

You’re tinkering with your Xiaomi Mi3’s system then suddenly, the phone doesn’t boot normally or does not boot at all. Unfortunately, you’re in a bootloop or in a soft bricked situation. Boot loops are the result of system files not knowing how to function during the initial start-up phase and can be caused by a variety of things, from downloading new apps to accidentally changing system files. This post will guide you on how to fix dead or bootlooped Xiaomi Mi3. This also works for softbricked devices or you just want to install everything from scratch.

We will accomplish this tutorial by using Fastboot. If you have a full ROM renamed as stored in your storage, you can skip this process and flash it using recovery.

Do it at your own risk! I’m not responsible for any damage that may incur during the process. Please read our disclaimer policy for more information.

Resources needed:

Download the files from the links below. Please follow the procedures carefully.


Fastboot MIUI ROM Mi3

Fastboot Driver

1. Download the latest ROM for your Xiaomi Mi3 from the link above.

2. Download and install Fastboot driver to your Windows computer.

3. Set the path to Fastboot.  It’s basically installed in “C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot”

unbricked redmi 1s using fastboot


How to set the path of Fastboot

  1. Right click on My Computer then select Properties.
  2. Go to Advance System Settings. A pop-up window will appear and click Environment variables.
  3. Go to the System Variables box then scroll down and highlight Path then click Edit.
  4. Paste the path “C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot” (without ” “) Make sure you have added a semicolon (; ) before this path. Click Ok and exit.

4. Extract the downloaded ROM using 7Zip.

5. Go to your device and long press power button + volume – button simultaneously to enter into fastboot mode.

Method A:

Look for the folder where you extracted the downloaded ROM and double click on Flash_all_except_data_storage.bat .

Note: Your phone will reboot automatically after 1 min. If it is finished in 2 or 3 seconds, then it has not flashed the ROM.


Method B:

If the ROM flashing using the method A failed, follow this method.

  • Unzip this file to the downloaded ROM folder on your PC.
  • Double click the flash_all_except_storage.bat file.

Poooof! Your Xiaomi Mi3 is now back to life. Enjoy!

Warning: Your whole data will be gone. So always keep a backup of your data in PC or Micloud. Keep a full ROM renamed to in your storage to skip the hassles of using Fastboot when bootlooped.

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