How to Root Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012) Kitkat

The Asus Fonepad 7 FE170CG is driven by a 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z2520 dual-core CPU and PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU coupled with 1 GB of memory. The internal storage has 4 GB capacity but supports micro SD expansion up to 64 GB. The FE170CG supports dual sim (dual standby), GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and HSPA+ connectivity. The powerhouse is a large 3,950 mAh battery, enough juice to propel the device for hours of usage on 3G. The major drawback of the FE170CG is the low-resolution 7.0-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) LCD screen, the 2.0 MP rear shooter and the 0.3 MP front facing camera but with a price tag like that, I’m sure you can live with it.Root Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012) Kitkat

How to root Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012) Kitkat

[box type=”warning” ]Rooting your device will void all warranties. Do it at your own risk. I’m not responsible for any bricked device or loss of data.[/box]

Please follow the procedure carefully.

1. Download rooting app from the link below.

Download RootZenfone

2. Transfer the apk file to your device using Bluetooth® or using the compatible USB data cable.

3. On your device, go to Menu> Settings> Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

4. Using any file manager, locate the apk file in your directory and tap to start installing.

[box type=”note” ]After installing the app, turn off bluetooth, mobile data and wifi then turn on airplane mode. – credits to Mr. JP Concepcion[/box]

5. Launch the app when the installation is completed and select Supersu ( by Chainfire).

6. Click “Ok I know, please root” option

7. Sit back and relax because it is already done!

Download root checker apps from Play Store to confirm of the root is successful. Enjoy!

47 thoughts on “How to Root Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012) Kitkat

  1. Worked properly (fast and with no issues) on my FE 170 CG (4.4.2)!

    But i was misleaded from such easy and good result… I tried on an identical FE 170 CG, which was 4.3 … and I completely bricked that phone… Tried to factory reset through droidboot, but it failed. Tried “SD download” using firmware from ASUS website, but Droidboot asks for “ASUS_BUNDLE.ZIP”. I renamed “” downloaded from Asus website as “”, but I received the message “no image found”…. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance…

  2. Now I renamed the file as “” and chose the option SD update: apparently something appened, said “installing system update” … but the advancing bar continues to reset at around 75%….

  3. Finally also “SD update” gave “error”. I’m going to try with another firmware update from asus…the previous was chosen because it corresponded to the installed software version. Sorry if my ignorance of Android is complete. Any suggestions?

    I regret non having updated to kitkat before trying to root with this method…On the kitkat version, all went “easy as cake”.

    • Could you kindly delete my posts? I gather nobody is interested. Finally I managed to recover the phone completely, but with an external help, and they dind’t say me what I had done wrongly. So I cannot contribute. Please also ignore my friendiship request, and message, on facebook. Sorry to have dirsturbed you.

  4. Doesn’t work on my Kitkat-updated K012. After I press the “I know…” button, it says “Hacking…” for a few seconds, then comes back with a large “Failed :(” message where the “Hacking…” was.

    Tried to boot into Recovery, got the Android graphic image, then “Failed” or “Error” (don’t remember now which).

    Thought I should have SuperSU, so I installed that first — by side-loading, since my Fonepad was running low on space. Still no joy.

    Any ideas?

  5. hi alden,

    i have recently upgraded to Kitkat 4.4.2. i tried the above method numerous times but every the message showing its has failed.
    are there any method for rooting Asus FonePad 7

    much thanks in advance

  6. hi alden,

    i tried the above method exactly as given with Kitkat 4.4.2 numerous times, but it failed each and every time.
    now if again downloaded the rootzenfone 1.4.6 r file and reinstalled the app it is giving a massage that unfortunately live demo services have stopped and its root failed
    any suggestions to correct it ????

  7. hi alden,

    a quick followup question a message is being displayed that ” unfortunately Asus live demo services have stopped “will that be problem if i try it root the tablet applying eko sunaryo you tube video


  8. Hi Alden,

    I did hard reset twice but it didn’t work

    I got the following messages that
    “Unfortunately live demo service has stopped” and
    “Asus demo has stopped” and then
    “It failed”

    Can you offer as why rooting is not happening with this method or is there is other method particularly suited to 4.4.2

    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi alden! Iwas able to root my fonepad with your tutorial but with additional requirements and steps which after installing the app.. turn off bluetooth, mobile data and wifi then turn on airplane mode. I just want to share this to other fellow fonepad users.
    Just now

  10. Hi alden,

    After many attempts I have successfully. been able to Root the tablet (4.4.2) with above-mentioned the method. I would also recommend you to start discussion on how to install custom kernel, ROM, custom recovery, make sd portion as they become imminent requirement after rooting and there is very important much little information on these

    Thanks in advance

    • I’ve the same problem too.
      I finnaly stopped the error msg of “Live Demo Service has stopped” and reset to factory setting , but I can’t Root my k012 tablet yet.
      I tried several software by several way but unsucceed.
      I hope anyone knows the right way to Root “ww-K012” Tablet and shares his/her info.
      Thanks in advanced

        • To Stop “Live Demo Service” message, Do the Following Steps After you backed up your date to SD card (Your Tablet Will be reset to factory settings!):

          1) Go to Settings>Apps, Then Find & Close “Asus Air” Program in Running Programs page.
          2) Wait to see the “Live Demo Service…” message again, then ok it and Tab & Hold the BACK Buttun Untill you Go to go to a new page with the field for entering this number: 741603
          Confirm it and wait 3 Sec to reset your Tablet to Factory Setting.
          That’s All. DONE!

          I Found this way by myself but still can’t Root My Tab.

          Hope That Helps you All

  11. Hi Alden,

    Continuing with the above post i already informed i have rooted my asus FonePad 7 using the above mentioned method. After checking system update i have received OTA notifications for system update.

    Will system update delete root ??


  12. search for ‘root zenfone v1.4.4 apk’. install it.
    important : close bluetooth, wifi, mobile data and put the device in flight mode.
    open the root zenfone app and click on root.
    again check if wifi or mobile data has automatically tirned back to on. turn it off again and then press reboot. u r done 🙂
    please make sure o close every networks. tested by me on 4.4.2 kitkat fe170cg

  13. Hi Alden,

    how did u stop the error message “Live Demo Service has stopped”.

    I am trying to do it from last 2 months but i am unable to do it.
    plz help

  14. Any news on the ota update, will I loose root? I have a k012. Im getting a ota update notification but not sure if root will be lost

  15. guys my phone doesn t open all system software I tried to recovery when it s started installing get say ””””’ERROR” I don t knw what t do now

    phone keeps downloading like is going to start but doesn t

    can u plz any one assist me plz!!

  16. Thank you ! worked perfectly at the first try !

    Which ROM i should install now as Cyanogen does not exist ?


  17. Can anyone tell me how to stop live demo stopped problem.
    I have tried all the methods but nothing is working.

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