How to Install Firmware and Fix Bootloop of Vivo V5

Bootloop, like any other software problem, can be encountered by any Android OS users, advanced and beginners alike. It is a state where your Android phone attempts to restart over and over until your battery drains out. This problem is so annoying and frustrating that you want to replace your Vivo V5. Luckily for you, we have a way on how to revive that phone and bring it back to life. This method involves flashing a new stock firmware, replacing the old one. While this method is safe and effective, we cannot save those important files from your internal storage as they will be likely wiped-out.

What is the cause of this bootloop?

Bootloops frequently occur when you are always tinkering with your device’s operating system like frequent changing of ROMs. These changes in the system files may cause the device to stop communicating properly. This problem can also be caused by installing bad applications, rooting, and operating system bugs.

repair bootloop vivo v5

What to do in case of bootloop?

Bootloop problems can be easily addressed as long as the cause is not hardware-related. Before we go to the hardest method of reviving your Vivo V5 phone, let’s do this simple steps. Who knows, you might be able to fix the phone without the hassle of re-flashing firmware.

Do the Soft Reset

Simply turn off your device and remove the battery. But oh, I almost forgot, Vivo V5s have non-removable batteries.  Instead of removing the battery, just leave the device powered off for at least ten minutes.Turn on the phone and observe if the boot-up problem has been fixed.

Factory Reset your Vivo V5

Turn-off your phone and boot it up to the recovery mode. Booting to recovery is pretty simple, on a completely turned-off device, press the power button and volume up key simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Hold these keys until the recovery menu appears.

On the Vivo recovery, use the volume up and down keys to navigate the menu. Select “Wipe Data/ Factory reset” and press the power button to confirm. After the reset, just select ” Reboot System Now” and cross your fingers. If it fails to perform a normal boot up process, proceed to the next step below.

Installing a New Firmware on Vivo V5

Aside from fixing bootloop, this process can also be used for upgrading the firmware of Vivo V5 running on a MediaTek MT6750 processor. It can also be used to address IMEI Null, Unknown Baseband or rooting problems. Please follow the instructions carefully. A single mistake may cause irreparable damage to your device.

Do it at your own risk! We are not liable for any damage or loss of data while using this tutorial. You can always bring your device to a qualified technician if you have doubts.

1. Prepare the Necessary Materials

This method needs a computer with a Windows operating system and an internet connection for downloading the required files. Prepare a working USB cable, preferably the stock one that comes with the device.

2. Charge the Device

Make sure your device has enough battery charge. I recommend having at least 50% battery juice before we start flashing. Draining your battery on the middle of firmware flashing may damage your hardware, making your phone a hard-bricked device.

3. Download the Tools and Firmware Files

Firmware flashing requires software and drivers to work. Luckily, these files are readily available on the internet and they are completely free! To download the necessary files, click the links below. Please unzip/extract the firmware and SP Flashtool zip archive to a folder of your choice.

Vivo V5 FirmwareUSB DriversSP Flashtool

4. Install the Drivers

Installing the drivers is quite easy. Just download the USB Driver file from the link above and extract the content. Navigate to the folder and find the install.bat file. Double click the file to automatically install the needed drivers. These drivers will facilitate the connection between your Vivo V5 and the Windows computer.

install usb drivers vivo v5

5. Install SP Flashtool

Extract the content of the SP Flashtool file archive to your desktop. You can unzip the file to anywhere you want but for faster retrieval, we will extract it on the desktop. Go to the folder double-click the flash tool executable file. If you’re using Windows 7 or later, hover your mouse pointer over the file and right click. Run the file as an administrator.

flash firmware to vivo v5

6. Flashing the Firmware

On the SP Flashtool interface, click the scatter-loading tab and search for the scatter-loading text file. You can find the file in the folder where you extracted the contents of the firmware zip archive.

scatter loading for vivo v5

Click the green Download button. After doing so, connect your turned-off device to the computer using the USB cable. Immediately press the volume up button to allow your device to be detected by SP Flashtool.

After the device has been detected, the tool will now initiate the flashing process. You can see the progress on the yellow bar at the bottom of SP flashtool interface. The whole process will take about a minute or so. Do not attempt to interrupt the process or disconnect the device. If the flashing is successful, you’ll see the yellow bar full and a big check mark.

firmware flashing vivo v5


Congratulation! You successfully revived your Vivo V5 Android smartphone. For best results, do a factory reset after the initial boot-up. Just follow the instruction above on how to factory reset the Vivo V5.

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