How to Root OPPO Neo 7 without PC

In this article, we will try to root OPPO Neo 7 without PC using an Android application called Oppo Tools. With all the rooting apps out there, none can penetrate the built-in security of  OPPO’s ColorOS even with the PC version. The other rooting methods are also complicated for an average Android user. Through this application, we will root your OPPO device without breaking a sweat.

What is OPPO Tools

This Android application was developed by Wuxianin for OPPO devices. The app was designed to only work on devices running on ColorOS. OPPO Tools feature a lot of functions that are mandatory for users who want to maximize their OPPO devices.root oppo neo 7 without pc


OPPO Tools Uses and Functions

Like as I have said before, OPPO tools have tons of functions under its sleeve besides rooting or unrooting ColorOS. This all-in-one application truly deserves a place on every OPPO devices’ application list. Here are the added functions of this app:

  • App runtime switcher
  • View WiFi password
  • APP manager
  • Factory mode code
  • Install Google services
  • Flashing ROMs
  • Flashing Custom or stock recoveries

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Rooting OPPO Neo 7

Rooting your OPPO Neo 7 will pave the way for more software modifications, performance upgrades thru CPU overclocking, and improved back-up and restore options. It can also improve battery performance by giving a bloatware-free user experience (ability to delete unwanted pre-installed applications). With root, Android users can now block advertisements by installing ad-blocking software that needs administrator privileges to work.

To take advantage of these superuser capabilities, let’s start the rooting process by following the instructions below. Please be reminded that rooting will void all the manufacturer’s warranties. As a disclaimer, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of data if the things have gone south. You are doing it at your own risk!


Please have a back-up of all your necessary files. You can store them on your SD card or in a computer for added protection. Make sure you have enough battery juice, a 50% charge will do. Download the application package from the link below. The other file is the rooting alternative in case this one doesn’t work on your current ColorOS version.

OPPO Tools


  1. On your OPPO smartphone, go to Settings>Security then enable app installation from “Unknown Sources“.
  2. Install the OPPO Tools APK file that you downloaded earlier.
  3. After the installation is finished, launch the OPPO Tools application.

    root oppo neo 7 without pc
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  4. On the Tool’s interface, tap the Common tab then click the Root option.

    easy root oppo neo 7
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  5. The app will ask you to install the OPPO Tools plugin. Just click Next.
  6. Once finished, go back to step 4. Open the One Key Root menu then press the button.root app for oppo neo 7
  7. If the rooting process is successful, the device will reboot by itself. When the phone successfully boot up, you will find a new application called SuperSu on your menu.oppo neo 7 root process
  8. To unroot the OPPO Neo 7, launch the OPPO Tools again. Tap the Common tab then press Unroot.oppo neo 7 root files


To check if rooting is successful, try using a root checker app from Play Store. If you are using the latest version of ColorOS, most likely that this method will not work. Luckily, we got a backup plan! If you have troubles making the above process work, please follow the instructions below.

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Alternate Method in Rooting OPPO Neo 7

This process involves installing the root app by using the Android recovery. Flashing the archive thru recovery will automatically install the SuperSu. It is a little bit complicated but by following all the instructions carefully, you can do it well.

  1. Download the fileroot zip archive from the link above to the root of your SD card (outside any folder).
  2. Turn off your device and boot into recovery.
  3. To access the recovery menu, press and hold the Volume down and power buttons simultaneously until the OPPO logo appears.
  4. On the ColorOS recovery, choose English as the language.
  5. After that, select “Install from SD” option then navigate to the location of the fileroot zip archive.
  6. After installation, select the Reboot option. Your device should boot up successfully.
  7. We’re done! Congratulations.

You can now check if the SuperSU application is already in your app drawer. To prove that the rooting process goes well, download and install a root checker app for confirmation.

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